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You are searching for Vahli Dikari Yojana Gujarat ? Do you want to fill the form of Vali Dhoti Yojana? Here we will give you the complete information about Wahali Dotti Yojana through this article . The main purpose of this plan is to prevent the murder of the daughter . For that, the Gujarat government provides financial assistance of 1 lakh 10 to the parents of the new born daughter. Now we will give you the details related to Vali Dhoti Yojana so that you can apply for the scheme.


Who will get the benefit of the dear daughter scheme ? The detailed information on how to get the benefits is given in this article. Which are as follows.

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About Vahli Dikari Yojana Dear daughter plan

Vali Dhotti Yojana is a new scheme launched by the Gujarat government on 2nd August 2019 to prevent female infanticide and promote girl child education .


In the Vali Dotti Yojana, the parents of the daughter will be given financial assistance of Rs 1 lakh 10. This amount is paid in three installments. Which is as follows.


The first installment is 4 thousand rupees when the daughter gets admission in 1st grade , the second installment is 6 thousand rupees when the daughter enters the ninth grade of the secondary school and the third installment is 1 lakh rupees when the daughter turns 18 for higher studies . Total Rs. 1,10,000 will get financial assistance.


Table of Vahli Dikari Yojana | Dear daughter plan

Name of the scheme Dear daughter plan
Language Gujarati and English
objective Increasing the proportion of women in the society , increasing the scope of education, preventing child marriages of women etc
Beneficiary Daughters of Gujarat born after 02/08/2019
Amount of assistance 1,10,000 (One Lakh Ten Thousand) assistance in three installments in total
Official website
Application Process Take the application form from the nearest Anganwadi and deposit it at the office of the concerned CDPO (Integrated Child Development Officer).
Time limit for application Within a time limit of one year after the birth of a daughter

Agenda of Vahli Dikari Yojana Dear daughter plan

  • Increase the birth rate of daughters.
  • To reduce the dropout ratio of girls in education.
  • Overall empowerment of girls/women in the society.
  • Prevent child marriage.

Vahli Dikari Yojana | Which caste people will get benefits under the Vali Dhotti Yojana?

All the daughters among the first 3 children of the couple will be eligible for the benefit of the Vali Dhotti Yojana Yojana irrespective of caste .


In exceptional cases, if more than one daughter is born in the family during the second / third delivery and the couple has more than three daughters then all the daughters will be eligible for the benefit of this dear daughter scheme.


Eligibility Criteria for Vahli Dikari Yojana | Dear daughter plan

  1. Daughters born on or after 2-8-2019 will be eligible for this scheme.
  2. Maximum two children of a couple can get the benefit of this scheme.
  3. Both the first and second child of the couple will be eligible but after the second child the couple should have undergone birth control operation.
  4. If there is a first son and a second daughter, the second daughter will be eligible for assistance, but after the second daughter, the couple must have undergone birth control surgery.
  5. In the exceptional case of first child and second child (twins) or more, all the children will be eligible for the ‘Whali Dikri Yojana’ but after the second child, the couple should undergo birth control surgery.
  6. Mother’s age should be 18 years or more at the time of child’s birth .

Document Required For Vahli Dikari Yojana | Dear daughter plan

  • Child’s  birth certificate.
  • Daughter’s  Aadhaar Card  – if provided
  • Father’s  income  pattern
  • Ration  card of parents
  • Aadhaar  card of parents
  • Birth  certificate of parents
  • Birth certificates of all surviving children of the parents
  • Marriage registration certificate of parents
  • Birth Control Certificate ( in case of daughter having second child)

How to apply Vahali Dikri Yojana Gujarat 1


Important Dates of Vali Dhoti Yojana

  • Only daughters born after 02/08/2019 will get benefit for this scheme .
  • Also this form has to be filled within 18 months after the birth of the daughter .

Important Link For Vahli Dikari Yojana

Dear Daughter Scheme | Vahli Dikri Yojana Form PDF  Download
Twitter Post Click here
Official website of Vali Dhoti Yojana Home page
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How to apply for dear daughter scheme? 

Beloved Daughter Yojana forms are provided free of charge from Anganwadi Centre, CDPO office, District Child Women Officer office. Or form link given above. The form has to be filled and submitted there along with the required documents .


Vahli Dikari Yojan Application Form [PDF]

Click on the below button to download the application form of Vali Dotti Yojana released by the Gujarat government. Youcan download the application form of Vali Dotti Yojana in PDF format.


Vahli Dikari Yojan Application Form


Vahli Dikari Yojan Helpline Number

If you wanthelpline number for Vali Dhotri Yojana then you click on the below button then you will get all the helpline number of child and women development department.


Helpline Number:- 079-232-57942


A special note in Vali Dhoti Yojana

In case of death of the child before the age of 18 years, the remaining assistance under “Whali Dikri Yojana” will not be available.

FAQ’s Of  Vahli Dikari Yojan

Q:  What is the purpose of Vali Dhotti Yojana?
Ans:   The concept of this scheme is to improve the girl child birth rate by strengthening the socioeconomic status of the girl child in the society, preventing their dropout rate and preventing their child marriage, thereby promoting a positive mindset change in the society.

Q: Can Vahali Dikari Yojana forms be filled online?
Ans:   Soon this scheme form filling will be started on digital gujarat portal.
Q:  Where can I get the online form to avail the Vali Dhotti Yojana?
Ans:   Beloved Daughter Yojana forms are provided free of cost from Anganwadi Centre, CDPO office, District Child Women Officer office.

Q:  Where to apply for Vahli Dikari Yojana
Ans:   You can go to the ICDS department at the nearest Anganwadi in your  village  or  city ward  area   and get the application form and fill the application form completely and submit the Aadhaar proof to the   Icds department .

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Through this article, we bring you dear daughter plan All important information related to Vahli Dikari Yojana  has been provided. If you are still facing any kind of problem then you comment in the comment box, contact us we will solve your problem.


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