Top 10 Healthcare Companies in USA #HealthInsurance

List of Top 10 Largest Healthcare Companies in USA 2022 Healthcare in the United States is a growing industry with many different types of companies. Some of the largest healthcare companies are pharmaceutical companies, which research and develop new drugs, and insurance companies, which provide coverage for medical expenses. There are also hospitals, clinics, and other care … Read more

23 Most Successful Website Ideas to Make Money in 2022

Nowadays, it’s becoming more and more common to use websites as a profitable side business. However, plenty of ideas with no less potential than eCommerce sites are still left unexplored. Once you have the right business concept, it’s time to start making money online, and building a website is the first step of your business venture. Therefore, we … Read more


From online lottery to stuffing envelopes at home, there are lots of popular get-rich-quick money-making ideas that always pop up. Do they work? Not really. Will you make money doing it? Maaaybe. But you’d probably make more money from your 9-to-5 job. At least then it’s a guaranteed paycheck. The truth is there are real ways to make money … Read more

The 10 Best and Most Prestigious Universities in Florida

Florida is a great place for a college education. The best universities in Florida can be found all over the state, from the capital of Tallahassee to urban hubs like Miami, Jacksonville, and Tampa. Beyond their academic chops, the most prestigious universities in Florida also provide a culturally diverse experience and active student life thanks … Read more

What Does Hosting Mean? Explains Hosting

What Does Hosting Mean? Hosting, in its most generic sense, is a service through which storage and computing resources are providing to an individual or organization for the accommodation and maintenance of one or more websites and related services. While hosting doesn’t need to be IP-based, the vast majority of instances are web-based services that … Read more

For Roselyn Sánchez, Life Insurance Was an Easy Decision

You may know Roselyn Sánchez as an actress, producer, proud Puerto Rican, wife and mother of two. But she’s also a life insurance advocate, and this September, she’ll join us as the spokesperson for Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM), coordinated by Life Happens. She’s sharing the important message that getting life insurance is an easy … Read more

What Does a Million-Dollar Life Insurance Policy Really Mean?

One million dollars seems like a lot of money, and for most of us, it really is. However, when it comes to life insurance, is a one-million-dollar life insurance policy enough? Is it too much? Let’s look at what a million-dollar life insurance policy really means for your financial security. The Basics of a One-Million-Dollar … Read more

5 Myths the Hispanic Community Has About Life Insurance

Insurance professional and Mexican American Monica Rangel works hard to educate the Hispanic community about life insurance. The founder and CEO of Efficient Financial and Insurance Solutions in Brea, Calif., regularly helps members of her local community get life insurance coverage. Here are the biggest misconceptions she encounters from her Hispanic clients. 1. We can rely … Read more

What Consumers Look For When Buying Car Insurance : COCOBarometer

Different people look for different things when buying car insurance. While policy coverage might be the most important factor for some, some might just consider the price of the policy. COCOBarometer, a consumer initiative study, reveals six important factors that people look for when buying car insurance. This was a multiple-choice question, and respondents could … Read more