What is Life Insurance ? Benefits of Life Insurance Plans @tetexam.co.in

Life Insurance is a contract between an insurance policy holder and an insurer, where the insurer promises to pay a sum of money to the beneficiary when the insured person dies or after a pre-determined period in exchange for the premiums paid by policyholder.

In life insurance policy you need to pay premiums for a specified policy term and life insurance company provides you with a comprehensive life cover, in return. Life Insurance protects future of your loved by paying a lump sum amount referred to as death benefit if an unfortunate event occurs. Some life insurance policies provide you a Maturity Benefit after the end of the policy term.

Lack of awareness is one of the major impediments for widespread adoption of life insurance. The availability of different types of insurance products also confuses some people. But most life insurance policies function in a similar manner. Let us understand what is life insurance and how does it work.


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